Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to find the Hyper-v Servers on your network

Use netscan.exe from SoftPerfect Network Scanner to any network ping scanner that allows you to search for open ports.
NOTE: in my case the windows firewall is disabled, if your firewall is enabled you will not find this open port unless you opened it up.

Look for the open port 2179.

Active windows Hyper-v servers will  have the port 2179 open

The other open ports that hyper-v may have open are port 80, 8100, 443 & 3389.

Also you can use WMI to determine if a server/PC is a VM or not

At the cmd prompt type
wmic computersystem get model

if it returns Virtual machine = a Microsoft Hyper-V VM
if it returns VMware Virtaul platform = a Vmware VM
all others will be the a physical machine

Or you can use the SoftPerfect Network Scanner with built in WMI query to motherboard during a ping sweep. Click the WMI icon on the toolbar, Add user id and password if not logged in as a domain admin and check all that you would like to gather the info on. Click Close, Now each time you run a scan it will query these WMI items. NOTE: from the above command line I would choose Computer Model or in my case the top 4 items.


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