Thursday, August 15, 2013

PSHVM30 - RELEASED Download it now and see what GUI fun you can have

I want to thank Adam Driscoll (without whom none of this would ever had happened), the BETA testers and the corefig team for the use of some code and ideas. Last but not least Eric Siron for switches and teams and his roll in corefig 1.1.

Free to all, open source hyper-v manager

Download the standalone version of PSHVM

Download PSHVM30 Intergrated with Corefig 1.1

Just released a new hyper-v manager that is free for non commercial use and pay for use if commercial.

I endorse this product as I helped in it's design and features and the GUI is much better than my product.

Probus-IT Hyper-V Manager (HVM) will help you to manage Hyper-V Servers and virtual machines. It is especially useful on core installations where you cannot run Microsoft Hyper-V manager locally. No RSAT or DOT-Net install needed. No fiddling with cmdkey and HVRemote-scripts. Installs on 32 and 64-Bit windows. Use it on Servers, desktops and Core installations both 32 and 64-Bit.
Thanks Håkan Lindén


Here is the preview of the all GUI new PSHVM30 photos are not in order but you get the idea.
  1. Set the Virtual Machine and HardDisk paths for the VHost
  2. Create/Remove a vSwitch
  3. Advanced NIC and vSwitch features like NIC Teaming*
  4. Create a new vm via questions and answers
  5. Start/Stop a VM
  6. RDP to a VM (replaces vmconnect and mstsc) (1)
  7. Manage VM's DVD/ISO.. Eject/Insert/Insert MS tools
  8. Remove/Delete a VM
  9. Export a VM
  10. Import a VM
  11. Edit the VM's Name, RAM Amount, vCPU Count, NIC's, Networks/vSwitch(s) and Virtual Disks
  12. Gather an Inventory Report of the VHost and VM's