Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NEW GUI hyper-v Manager hits the market and I helped create it..Probus-IT Hyper-V Manager (HVM)

Just released a new hyper-v manager that is free for non commercial use and pay for use if commercial.

I endorse this product as I helped in it's design and features and the GUI is much better than my product.

Probus-IT Hyper-V Manager (HVM) will help you to manage Hyper-V Servers and virtual machines. It is especially useful on core installations where you cannot run Microsoft Hyper-V manager locally. No RSAT or DOT-Net install needed. No fiddling with cmdkey and HVRemote-scripts. Installs on 32 and 64-Bit windows. Use it on Servers, desktops and Core installations both 32 and 64-Bit.
Thanks Håkan Lindén


There are 5 Hyper-v Manager products for hyper-v 2012 that I know of:
Listed by feature set only
1. Hyper-v Manager from Microsoft (requires you have windows 8 or server 2012)
2. Vtutilities (www.vtutilities) has all the features of the microsoft product, has a 14 day trial and then costs $119 per server you install it on)
3. Probus-IT Hyper-V Manager (HVM)  above... great product still needs import and export feature, free for non commerical use and is a pay for product (still working on the US $ price point, but the more people who download it the cheaper the price will be) I helped develop this product and it has many of the features of the Microsoft and VTutilities products, the GUI is much better than my free product and frankly I wish I could code as good as Håkan Lindén.
4. PSHVM30 - My free powershell GUI hyper-v manager (will always be free and most likely wili not be developed further as the other free product choices grow and improve)
5. 5Nine Hyper-v manager (there is a free version and I have talked to the CIO and they know it is not even close to the above 4 choices as far as features) I have been promised that the next 2 or 3 versions will be a vast improvement over what has just been released, however the paid version $149 is just too expensive for what you are getting.

If you are listing by cost and then feature set.
1.  Probus-IT Hyper-V Manager (HVM) ( free for now, price point TBD)
2. PSHVM30 - Free and ugly but it works, as one reviewer wrote not real coding and poorly written.
3. Vtiltities - $119 per server can get expensive in a hurry
4. Windows 8 and server 2012 If you already own them then this is #1 but if you have to buy them #4.
5. 5Nine v3.6 (even though this is free it just lacks so many features it is less than helpful with its current set of features)

Here is my must have list of features for any hyper-v manager
Create a VM from scratch ( meaning new everything and attach an ISO to DVD drive)
Create a VM from existing VHDX file
Attach/Eject and ISO and the MS integration Tools to a VM
Create a Virtual hard disk (fixed or dynamic) and attach it to a VM
Manage the VM's vswitch (Add or remove  vswitches)
Manage the VM's NIC(s) (Add or remove a NIC)
Create a virtual switch on the VHOST (remove a vswitch from a vhosts)
Set the vHost virtual machine path
Set the vHost virtaul hard disk path
Start/Stop VM's
Import/Export VM's
Delete a VM
Connect/control any VM weither it has a IP address or not
Edit the VM's Setting's
  RAM (amount and if fixed or dynamic)
  vCPU Count
  Virtual Hard Drives (create\add\attach\manage)

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