Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Using Free core server 2012 as a NAS

Well you want a free NAS, then with Free Core Server 2012 you have one. Oh yeah it is still has Hyper-V 3.0 but you can turn that off, if all you want is a free NAS. See future posts about adding web server and ftp server.

To turn off Hyper-v 3.0 service:
From the DOS prompt type regedit
browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\vmms\start and change it from 2 to 3 and reboot. this will set the hyper-v vmms service to not start automatically.
to check type taskmgr Choose more details (bottonm left) then go to the services tab and see if VMMS is running or not.

Now you have a free server with diskspace just begging to become your NAS.

To make it a NAS with a share open to everyone
At the DOS prompt cd\  md Share
type net share SHARE1=C:\Share /grant:Everyone,FULL
you now have a share names SHARE1 open to everyone on your 2012 server

If you have workgoup and you want some security you can follow these steps at the dos prompt
net localgroup NAS /add

net user JohnDoe Pa55word /add
net localgroup NAS JohnDoe /add
md share1
net share SHARE2=C:\Share1 /grant:NAS,FULL
Your share names SHARE2 will only be accessible for member of the local group NAS.

Syntax for commands
type the command  followed by /?  - Example = Net User /?
NOTE: If you want to delete a user, group or share just do the same command you used to create except change /add to /delete

If you want to view the groups
net localgroup  - will list the local group
net localgroup NAS - will list who is in the local NAS group
net share - list the shares
net share Share1 - list the properties of the share share1
net user - lists the users local to this server
net users johndoe - shows the properties for the user Johndoe


From a Sever 2008 go to your start button then type MMC in the "Run" or "search programs and files" field and hit Enter.

Once the Console opens, go to File > add/remove Snap-in...
Choose the "Shared Folders" snapin, and add it. Select "another computer" and browse to the Windows 2012 Core server you want to create the share on. (leave the "View" set for "All").
Click Finish.
Click OK
If you select "Shares" listed in the Console Tree, you can see a list of shares on the connected server.
If you right click on the "Shares" tree you can create a "New Share" and assign permissions.
This only works on shared folders and Services, not Users and Groups from server 2008

Easy peasy...

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