Monday, February 18, 2013

Nirsoft freeware Event Viewer.. for those of you wanting to see the server events

This has now been added to a free powershell hyper-v manager project.

So windows free core server 2012 has no event viewer built into it that I can find and it was requested that I find something to view the events. I have done just that, a product from Nirsoft called MyEventViewer so easy to use it is scary. No install just download the zip file, unzip it. Map to \\YOURSERVER\C$, create ad directory C:\software\eventviewer,Copy the unzipped files to C:\software\eventviewer\ and then create a shortcut within Codyssey to C:\software\eventviewer\MyEventViewer.exe.

for further information on how to log or create alerts of of event logs go to  
I am guessing this will require and command line emailer, and there are tons of them out there and I am not going to explain how they work since the website you download one from should have all the explanations you will ever need.

For those of you who wish to view events that and hate the GUI method this is for you.

Export Event Viewer Log from Server Core

1. To query for event log available on server Core to C:\eventlog.txt
wevtutil el > “C:\eventlog.txt”

Above command will give you event viewer name that you can export out. Let say we want to export System Log.

2. Export System Log
wevtutil epl System C:\ExportSystemLog.evtx

3. To Clear System Log
wevtutil cl System

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